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category: link timestamp: 2012-02-10 13:29:16.257106 -07:00 title: The vendor prefix mess date: 10/02/2012 link:

Up until now our web developer has made but a single mistake: he hasn’t installed Opera Mini and added it to his test programme. That can be easily forgiven in a newbie, because all well-known web developers are mostly talking about Safari on iPhone (with a bit of Android on the side).

Now what really ought to happen is that our web developer gets access to an Android (better yet: two or three), a BlackBerry, a Windows Phone, a Symbian device, and maybe a Samsung bada or an S40. Even though all these devices but the Windows Phone have a WebKit-based default browser, our web developer would be exposed to the true multi-faceted nature of the mobile web.

The overhead for supporting so many devices will quickly become too great. I think most developers take a look at their target audience, the amount of traffic emananating from each browser/vendor and develop accordingly, taking into account tradeoffs for visitors outside of the target audience.

As the author Peter-Paul Koch suggests, an obvious solution is to drop the vendor prefix system altogether in favor of a single, standard prefix for all browsers.

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