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Fix for DisplayOnlyWidget in compound_id regression

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amol- committed Nov 15, 2013
1 parent ed09461 commit 11570e42e4dde2b03145bec36b949ad282cce845
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@@ -950,22 +950,22 @@ def post_define(cls):
cls.child = cls.child(id=cls_id, key=cls.key, parent=cls)
def _gen_compound_id(cls, for_url):
def _gen_compound_name(cls, attr, for_url):
elems = [
Widget._gen_compound_id.__func__(cls, for_url),
getattr(cls, 'id', None)
Widget._gen_compound_name.__func__(cls, attr, for_url),
getattr(cls, attr, None)
elems = list(filter(None, elems))
if not elems:
return None
if not for_url and getattr(cls, 'id_suffix', None):
if not for_url and attr=='id' and getattr(cls, 'id_suffix', None):
return ':'.join(elems)
def _compound_id_elem(cls, for_url):
def _compound_name_elem(cls, attr, for_url):
if cls.parent and issubclass(cls.parent, RepeatingWidget):
Widget._compound_id_elem.__func__(cls, for_url)
Widget._compound_name_elem.__func__(cls, attr, for_url)
return None

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