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ralphbean committed Apr 28, 2012
1 parent 1755fd1 commit 1c27c620a55c2db67abaf351716c1cf1fe30cc6f
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@@ -401,21 +401,21 @@ def display(self, cls, value=None, displays_on=None, **kw):
return self.generate_output(displays_on)
def generate_output(self, engine_name):
def generate_output(self, displays_on):
Generate the actual output text for this widget.
By default this renders the widget's template. Subclasses can override
this method for purely programmatic output.
The name of the template engine this widget is being displayed
Use it like this::
class MyWidget(LeafWidget):
def generate_output(self, engine_name):
def generate_output(self, displays_on):
return "<span {0}>{1}</span>".format(self.attrs, self.text)
@@ -429,11 +429,11 @@ def generate_output(self, engine_name):
return output
mw = core.request_local().get('middleware')
if engine_name is None:
if displays_on is None:
if self.parent is None:
engine_name = mw and mw.config.default_engine or 'string'
displays_on = mw and mw.config.default_engine or 'string'
engine_name = template.get_engine_name(
displays_on = template.get_engine_name(
self.parent.template, mw)
v = {'w': self}
@@ -443,7 +443,7 @@ def generate_output(self, engine_name):
v[p] = getattr(self, p)
eng = mw and mw.engines or template.engine_manager
return eng.render(self.template, engine_name, v)
return eng.render(self.template, displays_on, v)
def validate(cls, params, state=None):

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