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Added a note to the docs about altering JSLink links. Fixes #15.

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@@ -169,6 +169,18 @@ To define a resource, just add a :class:`tw2.core.Resource` subclass to the widg
Resources are widgets, but follow a slightly different lifecycle. Resource subclasses are passed into the :attr:`resources` parameter. An instance is created for each request, but this is only done at the time of the parent Widget's :meth:`display` method. This gives widgets a chance to add dynamic resources in their :meth:`prepare` method.
**Using Your Own Resources**
Resources that are defined by pre-existing tw2 packages can be altered globally.
For instance, say that you want to use your own patched version of jquery and
you want all tw2 packages that require jquery to use your version, and not the
one already packaged up in ``tw2.jquery``. The following code will alter
``jquery_js`` in not just the local scope, but also in all other modules that
have use it (including ``tw2.jqplugins.ui``)::
import tw2.jquery = "/path/to/my/patched/jquery.js"
**Deploying Resources**
If running behind mod_wsgi, tw2 resource provisioning will typically fail.

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