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Reference js_* docstrings from design doc. Fixes #58.

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@@ -166,7 +166,6 @@ To define a resource, just add a :class:`tw2.core.Resource` subclass to the widg
.. autoclass:: tw2.core.CSSSource
.. autoclass:: tw2.core.JSLink
.. autoclass:: tw2.core.JSSource
.. autoclass:: tw2.core.JSFuncCall
Resources are widgets, but follow a slightly different lifecycle. Resource subclasses are passed into the :attr:`resources` parameter. An instance is created for each request, but this is only done at the time of the parent Widget's :meth:`display` method. This gives widgets a chance to add dynamic resources in their :meth:`prepare` method.
@@ -202,14 +201,17 @@ Toscawidgets2 provides an ``archive_tw2_resources`` distutils command::
Constructing Javascript from Python
If you like, you can invoke Widgets' :meth:`add_call` method inside
:meth:`prepare` to construct dynamic javascript calls at display time.
.. autoclass:: tw2.core.js_function
.. autoclass:: tw2.core.js_callback
.. autoclass:: tw2.core.js_symbol
For instance::
**All together now**
Consider the following prepare method::
def prepare(self):
super(MyWidget, self).prepare()

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