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Mark this test really as skipping.

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ralphbean committed Aug 27, 2013
1 parent 16f6508 commit b59d1ff05c944257a8ab1a5cc27e40bb8435b07e
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@@ -339,13 +339,12 @@ class TestCSSSourceEscaping(tb.WidgetTest):
def test_display(self):
for engine in self._get_all_possible_engines():
# CSSource misses pt template.
if engine in ['chameleon']:
yield self._check_equal, engine
def _check_equal(self, engine):
if engine in ['chameleon']:
self.skipTest("CSSSource is missing a pt template.")
r = self.s.req()
display = r.display(
template='%s:%s' % (engine, twr.CSSSource.template)).strip()

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