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@@ -18,9 +18,9 @@ Peep the `live demonstration <
-You can `get the source from github <>`_,
+You can `get the source from github <>`_,
check out `the PyPI page <>`_, and
-report or look into `bugs <>`_.
+report or look into `bugs <>`_.
@@ -39,24 +39,21 @@ interaction. It is the successor of protovis.
This module, tw2.d3, provides `toscawidgets2 (tw2)`_ widgets that render `d3`_ data visualizations.
Sampling tw2.d3 in the WidgetBrowser
The best way to scope out ``tw2.d3`` is to load its widgets in the
``tw2.devtools`` WidgetBrowser. To see the source code that configures them,
check out ``tw2.d3/tw2/d3/``
-To give it a try you'll need git, mercurial, python, and virtualenv. Run::
+To give it a try you'll need git, python, and `virtualenvwrapper
+<>`_. Run::
- $ git clone git://
+ $ git clone git://
$ cd tw2.d3
$ mkvirtualenv tw2.d3
(tw2.d3) $ pip install tw2.devtools
(tw2.d3) $ python develop
(tw2.d3) $ paster tw2.browser
...and browse to http://localhost:8000/ to check it out.

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