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A database layer for using SQLAlchemy with ToscaWidgets 2
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docs Experimental DbSingleSelectLink
tests Be able to display HTML in the view if get_tws_view_text function is …
tw2 Sort all the relation properties
.gitignore Cleaned up sphinx refs from tw2.sqla so it renders nicely on pypi. Re…
.travis.yml 2.0.4. Drop support for py2.5 in tw2.sqla.
CHANGELOG.rst 2.1.0
LICENSE Metadata fixups, tw2.core#90
python-tw2-sqla.spec More spec cleanup.
setup.cfg Release 2.0a1 2.1.0



tw2.sqla is a database layer for ToscaWidgets 2 and SQLAlchemy. It allows common database tasks to be achieved with minimal code.

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