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import os
from distutils.core import setup, Command
import urllib2
from posixpath import basename
import re
class SetupBuildCommand(Command):
Master setup build command to subclass from.
user_options = []
def initialize_options(self):
Setup the current dir.
self._dir = os.getcwd()
def finalize_options(self):
Set final values for all the options that this command supports.
class UpdateHTML5ShivCommand(SetupBuildCommand):
Updates the HTML5-Shiv Runtime library
description = "updates HTML5shiv with latest version"
dl_link = ''
def run(self):
ver_regex = re.compile(r'^/\*! HTML5 Shiv ([\dpre.]+)')
# Download H5-shiv
shiv_js = urllib2.urlopen(self.dl_link)
data =
ver_num = ver_regex.match(data.splitlines()[0]).groups()[0]
# Check to see if the directory already exists, if not make it
if not os.path.exists('tw2/util/html5shim/static/html5shim/%s' % ver_num):
os.mkdir('tw2/util/html5shim/static/html5shim/%s' % ver_num)
# Write out the shim
with open('tw2/util/html5shim/static/html5shim/%s/html5shim.min.js'%ver_num, 'w') as js:
# Update
vs_file = "_version_num_ = '{ver_num}'".format(ver_num=ver_num)
with open('tw2/util/html5shim/', 'w') as vs_py:
print "Writing new"
# Done!
print 'Updated HTML5Shim to %s...' % ver_num
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