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HTML5 Shim for ToscaWidgets2


Allows HTML5-Shim to be added as a widget-specific or global resource for compatability with Internet Explorer versions lower than 9.0.

Using tw2.util.html5shim

Inside ToscaWidget2 Widgets

In the file (or a resource declaration file if you use one) add following:

Top of file:

from tw2.util.html5shim import html5shim_js

In the widget declaration add html5shim_js to the resources attribute like so:

class YourWidget(tw2.core.Widget):
    resources = [html5shim_js, other_res, another_res]

Turbogears 2

If you need HTML5-Shim to be injected globally, add the following to projectname/base/

Top of file:

from tw2.util.html5shim import html5shim_js

Above the return statement in BaseController.__call__:

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