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Program LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots using MRuby
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This is very early work in progress and will eventually become an application template for MRuby apps running on LEGO's EV3 brick.

The code relies heavily on ev3dev, a Debian based Linux distribution which runs on EV3 bricks. Ev3dev supports some more microcomputers for robots, but the code in this project is currently not meant to run on them — it is EV3 only.



For cross-platform compilation, this project relies on ev3dev's Docker image, so you'll have to install Docker first. Make sure to enable foreign binary support on the host. There is a detailed instructions page on

You will also have to install ev3dev on your EV3. Don't worry, it is not installed permanently on your EV3, but on a Micro SD card. As soon as you remove that card, the official LEGO firmware will be loaded.

Clone The Repository

Please note that the MRuby source is included as git submodule; to init this submodule, the --recurse-submodules option should be passed to the clone command.

$> git clone --recurse-submodules

$> cd mruby_ev3_application

Build MRuby

Before you can compile any application, you have to compile libmruby and the MRuby binaries. There is a shell script which executes the required docker-compose command:

$> bin/compile-mruby

Compile (the Sample) Applications

Application binaries are created in multiple steps:

  1. Build a .c file that contains bytecode from the application's Ruby source.
  2. Build another .c file that contains an application loader that loads the bytecode and executes it.
  3. Compile the application (loader) into a statically linked binary.

There are Rake tasks defined in the /app folder to help with those compilation steps:

$> bin/compile-all

will execute rake all in the cross-compilation Docker container. This compiles all the applications in /app/mrblib. It will create two different binaries for each app: bin/ and bin/ The -debug variant contains debugging information, ie. it will print a backtrace on exceptions.

Copy the Binaries to the EV3 Brick

If there is a network connection to the EV3 brick, you can use scp to copy the application binaries to your robot:

$> scp app/bin/* robot@ev3dev.local:bin

You can launch the apps either via a SSH console or via BrickMan on the device itself.

Copy mirb to the EV3 Brick

mirb is a MRuby REPL. It is included in the MRuby build. If you want to have a Ruby console on your EV3, you can copy the binary:

$> scp mruby/build/ev3/bin/mirb robot@ev3dev.local:bin

(You can also copy the mruby binary if you want to directly execute Ruby files on your EV3.)

Directory Structure

  • /app: This is where the applications are:

    • /app/mrblib contains the Ruby files (one per app)
    • /app/src contains auto-generated C source files for the applications and a skeleton file for an application loader
    • /app/bin contains the compiled binaries. -debug files have debug information included in the Ruby bytecode, -host files are NOT cross-compiled; they can be executed on the compiling host (although that probably doesn't make much sense as required EV3Dev system files are not present on the host).

    This is mounted in /opt/app in the cross-compilation Docker container.

  • /bin: This contains helper scripts for some common tasks

  • /docker: This contains the Dockerfile for the cross-compilation environment and a docker-compose.yml.

  • /mruby: This is a git submodule of the mruby source code.

    This is mounted in /opt/mruby in the cross-compilation Docker container.

  • /mruby-ev3: This is a mrbgem with lots of library code for using EV3Dev in MRuby applications.

    This is mounted in /opt/mruby-ev3 in the cross-compilation Docker container.

Develop Your Own Application

Sorry, this section is still to be written. Maybe have a look at the example applications in the app/mrblib folder.


  • Document the EV3 module and its classes
  • Increase test coverage
  • Document how to test mruby-ev3 applications
  • Move mrbgem into its own repository
  • Support the EV3 display (monochrome Linux framebuffer device)
  • Allow keypress event handling using concurrently
  • Build a shared so that the application binaries get smaller
  • Try using mruby/c


Legal Disclaimer

LEGO and Mindstorms are trademarks of the LEGO Group.

This project is by no means associated to LEGO; it is no official software for the EV3 and you use it at your own risk. See the LICENSE file.

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