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What is ToSBack?

Terms-Of-Service and other website policies form the foundation of your relationship with social networking sites, online businesses, and other Internet communities. But most people become aware of these terms only when there's a problem. TOSBack was created to help you monitor the policies for the websites you use everyday, and show how they change over time.

How you can help!

  • Check out the wiki page on setting up the development environment.
  • If you aren't a developer, you can always help us add policies.
  • Check the issues page or this wiki article to find a task you want to work on!
  • Here is a good guide for creating an issue in the tracker, forking, branching, and submitting a pull request!


ToSBack crawls, archives and tracks changes in terms of service and privacy policies. ToSBack3, inspired by EFF's ToSBack, is built in Ruby on Rails, features a web interface.




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