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@@ -758,15 +758,40 @@ The policy on these pages has an effective date of 11/18/2010.
<strong>Please Be Aware</strong> AT&amp;T will never contact you by e-mail to ask for your personal information.
If you receive such an e-mail, do not reply.
Learn more about how to protect yourself from phishing attacks.</p>' + '' + '' + 'We Want to Hear <br>from You' + '<p>We will post privacy policy updates, items of interest and notice of any changes here, so check back often.
Contact us for questions about our Privacy Policy, and for questions about AT&amp;T products and services.</p>' + '' + '' + '<p>Updated 6/28/13</p>' +'<p>
Contact us for questions about our Privacy Policy, and for questions about AT&amp;T products and services.</p>' + '' + '' + '<p>Updated 7/16/13</p>' +'<p>
<strong>Q.</strong> How are you notifying customers about your new privacy policy?<br>' +'</p>
<strong>A.</strong> We are including information about our updated policy in a bill page message that every customer will see and also sending an email or postal mail letter to all customers whose information is impacted by this new policy.</p> ' +'<p>
<strong>Q.</strong> What is your policy on limiting AT&amp;T marketing materials sent by U.S.
mail?<br>' +'</p>
<strong>A.</strong> Customers can unsubscribe from AT&amp;T marketing materials sent by U.S.
mail here.</p> ' + '' + '' + ' ').
mail here.</p> ' +'<p>
<strong>Q.</strong> I have an AT&amp;T business account.
Will my anonymous information be used in External Marketing &amp.
Analytics Reports?</p>' +'<p>
<strong>A.</strong> These reports will use anonymous information from AT&amp;T consumer accounts.
Business accounts are not included except for small-business U-verse accounts.
However, they can opt out just like consumer accounts by visiting</p>' +'<p>
<strong>Q.</strong> For AT&amp;T Relevant Advertising, why do I have to opt out from each computer or mobile device?</p>' +'<p>
<strong>A.</strong> That\'s a good question.
Opt-out works differently for your computer than for your mobile device.
On your computer\'s web browser, opt-out works through a small data file called a "cookie." The cookie communicates from your browser, telling advertisers that you don\'t want to receive the relevant ad.
It is anonymous, and is not linked to your identity or account.
This is the current, standard method for online advertising.
You can learn more about cookies here, and you can opt-out your computer\'s browser at if you are on that computer now.</p>' +'<p>For mobile, different devices use different technologies.
Some mobile devices, for example, do not support the use of cookies.
Therefore, to ensure that we don\'t deliver AT&amp;T Relevant Advertising to your mobile device, we must be able to accurately identify the device that you are opting out.
To do that, on each device that you wish to opt-out, go to and click "Opt-Out".
Please make sure you are connected to the AT&amp;T cellular network when you do so.</p>' +'<p>
<strong>Q.</strong> I can\'t figure out how to opt out of the External Marketing &amp.
Analytics Reports.</p>' +'<p>
<strong>A.</strong> You can opt out of External Marketing &amp.
Analytics reports in two ways.
You can go to with your account ID and password, or you can call 866.344.9850.
If you have more than one AT&amp;T account, such as wireless and AT&amp;T U-verse, you may have to log in to each account if you use
We require logging in for security, to make sure it\'s really you making a change to your account.</p>' +'<p>
</p>' + '' + '' + ' ').
} if (pid == '2506')
{ document.write('' + 'Your Rights and Choices' + ' <p>You can choose not to receive additional AT&amp;T marketing e-mails.
<br> More</p>' + ' <p>You can choose to be removed from call lists that we use to contact customers with marketing and promotional offers.

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