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Latest commit 2b94521 @pierreozoux pierreozoux Merge pull request #154 from pierreozoux/master
Add warning for information removal
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1901 https now
api/1/service from tosdr-build b136f973
blog tosback link https
bootstrap-3.1.1 delete a few more files
bootstrap delete a few more files
cases don't realy know why those changed
comments spec versioning in the source files
conf tosback link https
css style and https
img optimisation from greg
index from tosdr-build b136f973
js from tosdr-build b136f973
logo add logo/ and build from tosdr-build
points from tosdr-build b136f973
posts https now
services from tosdr-build b136f973
topics added kolab now
.gitignore gitignore and git repo in package.json
29c3.html https now
LICENSE added agpl license text Add warning for information removal
about.html tosback link https
api.html tosback link https
backlog.html moved to Org flattr account
blank.html tosback link https
classification.html tosback link https
contribute.html tosback link https
curator-postfix.html https now
curator-prefix.html moved to Org flattr account
downloads.html moved to Org flattr account
ep-hearing-201301.html https now
facebook-tosdr.html tosback link https
favicon.ico png and ico
get-involved.html clean up some titles and MyKolab->KolabNow
github-connect.html add login link
imprint.html tosback link https
index.html add logo/ and build from tosdr-build
legal.html tosback link https
pendingpoints.html tosback link https
point-form-thanks.html moved to Org flattr account
point-form.html moved to Org flattr account
points.html changed the point rating to something that makes more sense
quotes.html tosback link https
search.html https now
service-form-thanks.html moved to Org flattr account
service-form.html moved to Org flattr account
submit-point.html tosback link https
submit-tosback.html tosback link https
thanks.html tosback link https
topics-test.html added kolab now
topics.html added kolab now
video-de.html video with background music

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