Better scripting life with cmdshelf πŸ“š
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cmdshelf is a new way of scripting.😎

  • βœ… Seperate name space using directories (e.g. swiftpm/ your/tool/
  • βœ… No more $PATH configurations
  • βœ… bash-completion for all commands
  • βœ… stdout, stdin, stderr
  • βœ… No quoting required for arguments. (just like swift run)
  • βœ… The coolest manual page
  • βœ… Portable environment (.cmdshelf.toml)
  • βœ… Execute any executables.

You can see detailed document here, or type man cmdshelf.



brew install cmdshelf

Build from source

With Rust's package manager cargo, you can install cmdshelf via:

cargo install cmdshelf

Note that rust is required.

Install auto bash-completion

Put this in your ~/.bashrc,

source /path-to/cmdshelf-completion.bash


Any contribution is welcomed. Feel free to open issue for bug reports, questions, or feature requests.