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Getting Started

  1. Clone this code to your machine
  2. Download and fully install Android Studio
  3. Open this code in Android Studio (Choosing the containing directory in Android Studio Open dialog works)
  4. Click the Play button ([Ctrl] + [Alt] + R)

Running the linter

ktlint is used to check the format of the Kotlin code. It requires that wildcard imports are disabled in Android Studio.

To disable wildcard imports:

  • Go to Preferences... -> Editor -> Code Style -> Kotlin
  • open Imports tab, select all Use single name import options and remove import java.util.* from Packages to Use Import with '*'.

The linter an be run via gradle task check or ktlint

Adding a dependency

The plugin gradle-witness is used to verify dependencies. You will need to add the relevant checksums to build.gradle. More information can be found on the gradle-witness project.

Making a new build for Play store (Dev only)

  1. Open app/build.gradle
  2. Increase the versionCode by 1.
  3. Optionally change the versionName to whatever you want.
  4. Build the APK however you want (in Android Studio or via gradle)
    • The APK is split so you will end up with multiple APKs. Gradle takes care of numbering them correctly.
    • You'll need the release certificate, alias and password.
  5. Commit the changes to build.gradle, upload the APKs to Play store

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