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Custom filters and other resources to use with uBlock Origin and uMatrix.
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Very experimental custom filters

I made these for my personal use. I'm sure a lot of the filters here might actually break some useful sites. Please be cautious and check ublock's logger to see what is getting filtered out, and comment out any problamatic filter. Use only the filters you're interested in. You might find some useful stuff like the cosmetic filters for MAL.

I'm relatively new to making filters, so please let me know if I messed up the syntax somewhere or if there are better ways to write them.

How to use:

Get uBlock Origin from gorhill's github repository. You will find a detailed guide to installation in the file. There is also a wiki. Everything about uBlock Origin is explained in great detail in there.

Disqus placeholder

Disqus is a popular blog comment hosting service. The purpose of the Disqus placeholder filter is to prevent Disqus from loading on it's own. Doing so will load pages faster and serve to increase your privacy as well. gorhill made it some time ago, I hope it gets integrated into uBlock...

To use it, you can simply copy paste the contents into your "My Filters" tab or add the list just like you add custom filters via URL. You can find more information in gorhill's gist.

Recommended browser: Firefox (Dev-edition, Nightly, Regular: Any opensource, maintained fork will do)

Recommended add-ons: uBlock Origin, uMatrix, Greasemonkey, NoScript.

Firefox AMO

Firefox beta

It is highly recommended that you start to use uMatrix, another extension by the same develeoper, after you get the hang of using uBlock Origin. It gives you more control over the resources pulled by websites.

Firefox AMO

Firefox beta

Note: uBlock Origin is NOT the same as uBlock.

... and the many other abomination of forks that support ads/tracking. I have no idea what's the point of that.

  • Adblock Pro - uBO rip off with added analytics hook
  • ADZbuzz - fork that replaces ads with "acceptable ads"
  • Adnauseam - fork that does things
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