Emacs mode for Rust
Emacs Lisp


A major emacs mode for editing Rust [1] source code.

[1] http://rust-lang.org

To install, check out this repository and add this to your .emacs

    (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/rust-mode/")
    (require 'rust-mode)

Make sure you byte-compile the .el files first, or the mode will be
painfully slow. If you don't know how, paste this in your *scratch*
buffer, move the cursor below it, and press C-j.

      (byte-compile-file "/path/to/rust-mode/cm-mode.el" t)
      (byte-compile-file "/path/to/rust-mode/rust-mode.el" t))

Rust mode will automatically be associated with .rs and .rc files. To
enable it explicitly, do M-x rust-mode.