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Brackets Bookmarks Extension

This is a Brackets extension that allows the user to navigate within a document using bookmarks.


  1. Launch the Extension Manager within Brackets (File > Extension Manager), open the Available tab, search for "Brackets Bookmarks", and click Install.
  2. Or, Download and unzip this repo's tarball; or clone this repo on GitHub. Copy the copied/cloned folder into the Brackets extensions/user folder. The extensions folder can be found via Help > Show Extensions Folder. Restart Brackets.

Compatible with Brackets Sprint 20+


Bookmarks can be set using either keyboard shortcuts or entries under the Navigate menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Toggle Bookmark: Cmd-F4 (Mac) or Ctrl-F4 (Win)
  • Next Bookmark: F4
  • Previous Bookmark: Shift-F4
  • Clear Bookmarks: Cmd-Shift-F4 (Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-F4 (Win)


  • Bookmarks can be set on individual lines (one bookmark per line)
  • Bookmarks are cleared when an open document is updated outside of Brackets (causing the document to be reloaded within Brackets)


  1. Persistent bookmarks (restore bookmarks when files are reopened)
  2. API to let other extensions set/remove/query bookmarks
  3. Bookmarks at specific character positions within lines