OpenNI-related formulae for the Homebrew package manager
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homebrew-openni is a project for installing OpenNI related modules with Homebrew: Sensor, SensorKinect, and NITE.

You can install these packages in Homebrew installing directory (default: /usr/local) by simple commands. Uninstalling is also easy. This project does not provide only Sensor module (sensor.rb) for Xtion and Xtion PRO LIVE but also SensorKinect module (sensor-kinect.rb) for Microsoft Kinect sensor. You can choose a proper module for your device.

If you want to use OpenNI2, refer to homebrew-openni2.


OpenNI formula is now provided by brewsci/science, so homebrew-openni won't provide it. homebrew-openni is supporting Sensor, SensorKinect, and NITE formulas.

Version info

  • Sensor
    • v5.1.6.6
  • SensorKinect
    • v0.94
  • NITE
    • v1.5.2.21


Download formulas

First, tap brewsci/science and homebrew-openni.

$ brew tap brewsci/science
$ brew tap totakke/openni


Install OpenNI, Sensor/SensorKinect, and NITE with Homebrew.

Install OpenNI.
$ brew install openni

Install Sensor.
$ brew install sensor

(Or install SensorKinect instead if you want to use Microsoft Kinect sensor.)
($ brew install sensor-kinect)

Install NITE.
$ brew install nite

Run sample for test

Connect a device to the PC and run a sample program.

$ cd `brew --prefix`/share/openni/samples/Bin/x64-Release
$ ./Sample-NiSimpleViewer


Uninstall OpenNI, Sensor (or SensorKinect), and NITE with Homebrew.

$ brew uninstall nite
$ brew uninstall sensor (or $ brew uninstall sensor-kinect)
$ brew uninstall openni

If you want to clean entirely,

$ cd `brew --prefix`
$ rm -rf var/lib/ni var/log/primesense/XnSensorServer etc/primesense


Code is under the BSD 2 Clause (NetBSD) license.