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homebrew-openni2 is a project for installing OpenNI2 related modules with Homebrew: OpenNI2-FreenectDriver for Kinect for Xbox360.

If you want to use OpenNI (not 2), refer to homebrew-openni.


OpenNI2 formula is now provided by brewsci/science, so homebrew-openni2 won't provide it. homebrew-openni2 is supporting OpenNI2-FreenectDriver formula.


  • OpenNI2-FreenectDriver
    • 0.4.1


1. Download formulae

First, tap homebrew-science and homebrew-openni2.

$ brew tap brewsci/science
$ brew tap totakke/openni2

2. Install

Install OpenNI2 by the following command.

$ brew install openni2

If you want to use Kinect for Xbox360, install openni2-freenectdriver additionally. It must be installed after installation of OpenNI2 is finished.

$ brew install openni2-freenectdriver

Add the recommended variables to your dotfile (.bash_profile, .zprofile, etc.).

export OPENNI2_INCLUDE=/usr/local/include/ni2
export OPENNI2_REDIST=/usr/local/lib/ni2

Above paths are for default environment. Check correct paths for your environment by brew info openni2.

3. Run NiViewer for test

Connect a device to the PC and run NiViewer.

$ cd `brew --prefix`/share/openni2/tools
$ ./NiViewer

4. Uninstall

$ brew uninstall openni2


Code is under the BSD 2 Clause (NetBSD) license, the same as Homebrew.