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The web frontend for Calls the backend api code in total-impact-core github repo.
Python CSS JavaScript TeX HTML Shell Smarty
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core_extras fix profile awards in /profile
extras make unittests work on webapp
scripts add university files
test return the highest number of citations when scopus has more than one …
totalimpact dedup fixes
totalimpactwebapp catch bad titles
.buildpacks grunt stuff
.gitignore gitignore
LICENSE remove protocol from in front of links.
Procfile enable core celery workers remove protocol from in front of links. adds product.country_str to product markup dict. enable core celery workers customize pool type remove protocol from in front of links.
core_Procfile add files from total-impact-core enable core celery workers add files from total-impact-core try an arxiv fix hack ugly work around for too big profiles get profile_deets running in tidy up logging typo more small debug
requirements.txt upgrade mendeley library. fixes local auth bug savepoint uncomment config in
s3cmd.ini support for AWS s3 backups Script for applying a function to all Stripe Customers works. remove protocol from in front of links. tidy up logging tidy up logging map orcid genre "data set" to our "dataset" fix transaction issue Merge branch 'show-tweets' into new-db handle bad title values

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