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component.json Fixed two-way data-binding. Jan 22, 2019


  • easy usage
  • supports great features
  • works with Bootstrap Grid System
  • easy for customization
  • supports basic shortcuts CMD+B bold, CMD+U underline, CMD+I italic and CMD+L creates a link


  • data-jc-path="" for two way bindings (write binding is a bit slow around 500 ms because of performance)
  • data-required="true" optional, default false
  • data-clipboard="text/plain" optional, default text/plain (for support of html use text/html)


  • component.getNode() returns a select node in text {Object}
  • component.getSelection() returns a current selection {String}
  • component.insert(value, [encode]) inserts a custom HTML or PLAIN text to the current cursor position, encode (optional) is by default false
  • component.exec('Bold', false, null) has same functionality as document.execCommand()


component.event(type, value) handles all events from the editor.

type = bold          - when a text is bolded (value is boolean)
type = italic        - when a text is italic (value is boolean)
type = underline     - when a text is underlined (value is boolean)
type = link          - when a link is created (value is a temporary URL)
type = current       - when a current element is changed in the text (value is NODE)
type = paste         - when the clipboard is used (value is a clipboard value)
type = select        - when a text is selected (value is selected text)
type = focus         - editor is focused (value is undefined)
type = blur          - editor is not focused (value is undefined)
type = click         - click on the specific element in the text (value is NODE)

Default declaration:

self.event = function(type, value) {
    if (type === 'paste')
        self.insert(value, true);


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