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This grid was created for single page applications and enterprise applications.

  • please try to understand the functionality
  • needed bootstrap grid system
  • you can render more than 30 000 rows without any problem
  • supports drag&drop columns
  • supports sorting
  • supports resizing of columns
  • supports vertical/horizontal scrolling
  • supports filters
  • supports checkboxes
  • custom scrollbars independent on OS
  • responsive


  • multisort
  • resizing columns for touch devices
  • re-ordering columns for touch devices

Data-source needs to contain:

    items: [{ name: 'Row 1' }, { name: 'Row 2' }, ...] // items
    page: 1,    // current pages
    pages: 30,  // count of pages
    limit: 5,   // items limit per page
    count: 150  // count of items in DB

or raw Array but you can't use pagination and external filters:

[{ name: 'Row 1' }, { name: 'Row 2' }]


  • filterlabel {String} a default placeholder for all filters (optional)
  • pluralizepages {String} pluralization for pages (optional, default: # pages,# page,# pages,# pages)
  • pluralizeitems {String} pluralization for items (optional, default: # items,# item,# items,# items)
  • height {Number/String} height of grid, supported values: auto (default), parent or NUMBER as height
  • bottom {Number} a bottom padding for auto height (optional, default: 80)
  • boolean {String} a values for filtering of boolean values (optional, default: true|on|yes)
  • resize {Boolean} enables resizing of columns (optional, default: true)
  • reorder {Boolean} enables re-ordering of columns (optional, default: true)
  • sorting {Boolean} enables sorting (optional, default true)
  • remember {Boolean} remembers re-ordering and resizing columns (optional, default true)
  • checkbox {Boolean} enables checkboxes
  • colwidth {Number} a default column width in pixels (optional, default 150)
  • rowheight {Number} a default row height in pixels (optional, default: 24) + it depends on CSS
  • alignheader {String/Number} align for header right (or 2) or center (or 1) (optional, default: left)
  • alignfilter {String/Number} align for filter input right (or 2) or center (or 1) (optional, default: left)
  • align {String/Number} align for a column value right (or 2) or center (or 1) (optional, default: left)
  • click {String} a link to function(row, grid, row_el) is executed if the user clicks on a row
  • highlight {Boolean} each selected row (after click) will be highlighted (default: false)
  • checked {String} a link to function(rows, grid) is executed if the user selected/checked some rows
  • autoselect {Boolean} enables auto-select of first row in grid, it performs EXEC(config.click), default: false
  • limit {Number} a cluster limit, default: 80
  • numbering {Boolean}, optional default false
  • allowtitles {Boolean}, enables titles for all row values, optional default false
  • button {String} a link to function(btn_name, name, row, grid, event) is executed if the user clicks on a button in the row
  • exec {String} a link to function(type, filter, sort, page) for server-side operations only (it disables client-side sorting & filtering), supported types: init, refresh and page

Column properties:

  • name {String} a name of field in the row object
  • text {String} a column label, text with .fa fa-home will render FontAwesome icon
  • title {String} a column tooltip (optional)
  • width {Number} a column width (optional, default config.colwidth)
  • filter {String/Boolean} a placeholder for the filter or boolean can disable filter for this column (optional)
  • align {String} can be center or right (optional, default: left)
  • template {String} can be a Tangular template and the model is the entire object of row
  • sorting {Boolean} enables sorting (optional, default: true)
  • search {Boolean/String} true will filter a value according to the template result or String can be a Tangular template which will be used as a value for search
  • format {String/Number} can be used for date and numbers (count of decimals) field (optional), e.g. dd.MM.yyyy
  • hidden {String} as an arrow function column => true --> column will be hidden
  • options {Object Array} optional, a custom filter for example [{ text: 'yes', value: true }, { text: 'no', value: false }] or {String} link to data-source
  • otext {String} optional, a key for text field in options, default text
  • ovalue {String} optional, a key for value field in options, default value
  • buttonapply {String} optional, a label for Apply button in columns, default: Apply


  • numbers: (1) number searches an exact number, (2) number - number is an interval between numbers
  • strings: (1) string searches an exact string, (2) string1, string2, string3 is a multiple search criterium
  • dates: (1) year 2017 searches all dates in this year, (2) 2017-02-12 - 2017-03-13 <--> 02.12.2017 - 13.03.2017 is an interval between dates, (3) 12-20 - 12-31 <--> 20.12 - 31.12 an interval between dates in the current year ir (4) 2017-01 - 2018-05 <--> 01.2017 - 05.2018 or (5) -5 days <--> -1 week <--> -10 years


  • component.redraw([reselect_again]) can redraw rows again (only for modifications, if you will remove some row you need to update the entire model)
  • NEW component.resetfilter() can reset a filter
  • NEW component.exportrows(page_from or true from the current page, pages_count, callback(rows, internal_options), [reset_to_page or true for the current page]) can export rows with server-side rendering


  • NEW component.meta returns internal meta info about filters, columns and rows

### Author