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The component can render a content like file browser. path must contain a path e.g. Directory/Directory/Directory. Learn from example.


  • up {String} a label for Up button (default: ..)
  • delimiter {String} a delimiter for the path (default: /)
  • root {String} a label for first item in breadcrumb (default: Root)
  • scrollbar {Boolean} enables custom scrollbar (default: true)
  • scrollbarY {Boolean} shows Y scrollbar always (default: false)
  • delimiter {String} a delimiter for path (default: /)
  • options {String} a path to method function(item, el) (user must click on the right button)
  • click {String} a path to variable or method function(item) (user must click on the item)
  • checked {String} a path to variable or method function(checked_items, component) (user must check the checkbox)
  • browse {String} IMPORTANT: a path to method function(path, next(ARRAY), [item]) which must return a content for the component
function fn_browser(path, next, item) {

	// @path {String} paths divided according to the "config.delimiter"
	// @next {Function(Array)} importat: this function expects array with items
	// @item {Object} can be null

	var arr = [];

	// Object for array:
	// {String} a label/name
	// obj.checkbox {Boolean} enables checkbox (default: false)
	// obj.checked {Boolean} item will be checked
	// obj.icon {String} a icon for item
	// obj.type {Number} determines a type of item (1: directory, other: file)
	// obj.classname {String} adds a CSS class onto "label" element

	// Good to know:
	// Only directories can be drilled

	// Example:
	arr.push({ name: 'Node.js', checkbox: true, type: 1, icon: 'folder' });
	arr.push({ name: 'Client-Side', checkbox: true, type: 1, icon: 'folder' });