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  • autofocus {String/Boolean} focuses the first input element, string means a custom selector (default: false)
  • empty {String} empty list text (default: ---)
  • default {Boolean} performs DEFAULT() method for the form scope (default: true)
  • required {Boolean} controll will be "required" (default: false)
  • enter {Boolean} allows to use enter as submit (default: false)
  • disabled {Boolean} disables the control (default: false)
  • formclass {String} a custom class for form container
  • itemclass {String} a custom class for item container
  • create {String} a link to a function function(callback(DEFAULT_ITEM_OBJECT))
  • submit {String} a link to a function function(form_data, callback(NEW_DATA))
  • remove {String} a link to a function function(remove_item, callback(really_remove?))

The component needs to have defined 3 templates wrapped in <script type="text/html">:

  • 1 first - with a Tangular template for rendering of item
  • 2 second - a form with components (the form will be wrapped in isolated scope)
  • 3 footer - a footer with button for create item

Good to know:

The component watches a click event on all buttons with name attribute:

  • name="submit" performs submit/save of data to the model
  • name="remove" removes the current item from the model
  • name="cancel" cancels editing
  • name="create" creates an empty form
  • form contains ui-listform-new class when creating a new item


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