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@petersirka petersirka released this Feb 13, 2019 · 244 commits to master since this release


  • added: WORKER() alias to F.worker()
  • added: WORKER2() alias to F.worker2()
  • added: F.cluster.https()
  • added: TaskBuilder.done2([send_value]) returns function with wrapped .done()
  • added: TaskBuilder.success2([send_value]) returns function with wrapped .success()
  • added: TaskBuilder.next2(name) returns function with wrapped .next()
  • added: new RESTBuilder aliases .DELETE(), .PUT(), .POST(), .PATCH() and .GET()`
  • added: schema.before(key, (value, model, index) => value) is a simple and new alternative to schema.setPrepare()
  • added: SchemaInstance.$parent returns a parent schema (if the schema is nested schema)
  • added: SchemaOptions.redirect(url) can perform a redirect from the schema
  • added: OperationOptions.redirect(url) can perform a redirect from the operation
  • added: .ics extension as acceptable file for the web server


  • updated: F.worker2() returns entire stdout buffer in the callback(err, buffer)
  • updated: $options() by adding disabled key
  • updated: String.ROOT() by adding a support for jComponent AJAX() calls
  • updated: RESTBuilder.method(method, [data]) added data argument
  • updated: String.parseDate([format]) added format argument
  • updated: SMTP settings contain heloid as heloidentifier (manually can be defined HELO or EHLO command)
  • updated: SMTP hostname is computed from email if SMTP is not specified


  • fixed: critical bug with security + improved security
  • fixed: system routing
  • fixed: NoSQL sorting, solved a strange problem
  • fixed: U.request() with GET method by @khaledkhalil94 (it doesn't send JSON data if data is null/undefined)
  • fixed: F.wait() in WebSocket
  • fixed: String.capitalize(true)
  • fixed: REQUEST() uploading of additional multipart/form-data (removed encoding)
  • fixed: view engine conditions defined in <script>
  • fixed: auto-redirects in
  • fixed: image streams resizing
  • fixed: @{'%config_key'} a problem with rendering a value with '
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