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Simple monitoring of total.js applications

This module can track behaviour of Total.js application. If your web application contains this module, open website https://monitor.totaljs.com and register your app.


  • url a relative URL address, default: /$monitor/
  • token a simple security token - default: undefined, this token has to be used as query string in URL address e.g. /$monitor/?token=123456 otherwise framework responds via 404 status.
INSTALL('module', 'https://cdn.totaljs.com/monitor.js', { url: '/$monitor/', token: '123456' });



  • download the file dependencies
  • add it into your application root like this:

IMPORTANT: the file dependencies contains links to other modules: webcounter for tracking visitors and reqstats for tracking traffic.

2. or (alternative)

  • download the module monitor.js
  • add it into the modules in your application directory

IMPORTANT: download other modules too: webcounter (for tracking visitors) and reqstats (for tracking traffic).

3. or (alternative)

  • create some definition file e.g. /definitions/modules.js
  • put into the file below text
// WebCounter module
INSTALL('module', 'https://cdn.totaljs.com/webcounter.js');

// Request stats module
INSTALL('module', 'https://cdn.totaljs.com/reqstats.js');

// Total.js monitoring
INSTALL('module', 'https://cdn.totaljs.com/monitor.js');

What's next?

  • open total.js monitor console https://monitor.totaljs.com
  • add your web application into the console (full hostname with protocol (http/https))


Contact me: petersirka@gmail.com