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Idle Hands

Use Idle Hands to automatically log your users out after a period of inactivity across one or more browser windows or tabs.

Idle Hands dialog

Idle Hands dialog

Basic Usage

<script src="./dist/bundle.min.js"></script>
    new IdleHands({logoutUrl: ''});

Advanced Usage

<script src="./dist/bundle.min.js"></script>
    new IdleHands({
        logoutUrl: '',
        maximumIdleDuration: 60 * 1000 * 15, // 15 minutes
        debug: true,


Name Default Value Description
applicationId window.location.hostname Used to prevent conflicts with other site using Idle Hands (should be unique)
cancelButtonText 'Stay Logged In' The text to display on the button which hides the prompt and resets the timer
containerSelector 'body' A selector for the element which the Idle Hands prompt should be attached to
containerTitle 'Session Expiration Warning Prompt' A descriptive title to apply to the iframe containing the prompt (used for accessibility)
debug false Controls whether debug messages are logged
dialogTextAllowHtml false Controls whether HTML in promptDialogText is rendered
dialogText 'Your session will expire in %time seconds due to inactivity.' The text to display in the body of the prompt dialog box (%time is automatically replaced with the remaining seconds until logout)
documentTitle 'Session Expiration Warning' The HTML document title to use while the prompt is displayed
duration 30 * 1000 Defines how long before logout to display the prompt
events ['click', 'keypress', 'scroll', 'wheel', 'mousewheel'] An array of events which should reset the inactivity timer
headerText 'Session Expiration Warning' The text to display in the header of the prompt dialog
heartbeatInterval 60 * 1000 Defines how often a request should be sent to heartbeatUrl
heartbeatUrl window.location.href A URL which can be used to keep a user's session alive
logoutButtonText 'Log Out Now' The text to display on the button which initiates logout
logoutDocumentTitle 'Logging out...' The HTML document title to use while redirecting for logout
logoutText 'Logging out...' The text to display in the header of the prompt dialog box while logging out
logoutUrl (none) The URL to redirect to when logging out (required)
manualLogoutUrl Value of logoutUrl The URL to redirect to when the logout button is clicked
maximumIdleDuration 60 * 1000 * 60 The maximum amount of time which a user is allowed to be inactivty before being logged out by Idle Hands
shiftFocus true Controls whether focus should shift to the promopt dialog cancel button when the prompt is displayed
zIndex 9999 The z-index of the prompt element


Manage user inactivity across all browser windows with automatic redirect and dialog prompt.







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