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Parallax Propeller loader supporting both serial and wifi downloads
Propeller Spin C C++ Makefile
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This is a loader for the Parallax Propeller

It supports loading over a serial link or a WiFi connection to a Parallax WiFi module on the Propeller Activity Board WX.

The C++ code should be mostly generic. The platform-specific code is in the C files sock_posix.c and serial_posix.c. Those will have to be rewritten to work on a different platform or under a different framework like Qt. If necessary, those interfaces could also be C++. I left them as C for now because they matched my original code better.

The files sock.h and serial.h show the interfaces needed to support another platform. I can easily provide a Windows version of these files to cover running the loader under Linux, Mac, and Windows. The xxx_posix.c files support both Linux and the Mac.

In addition to a standard C++ toolset you also need to install OpenSpin and have it in your path.

To build the Windows version under Linux you will need the MinGW toolchain installed. Then type:

make CROSS=win32

Output files are placed:

Macintosh:	../proploader-macosx-build/bin
Linux:	../proploader-linux-build/bin
Windows:	../proploader-msys-build/bin

To build the C test programs you also need PropGCC installed an in your path.

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