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This release updates the fastspin compiler to 3.9.2, which has many bug fixes and improved BASIC support. There have also been some minor tweaks to the UI.

Sep 14, 2018
Updated fastspin binary to 3.9.1
Assets 3

This is a simple GUI for doing Spin development on the Parallax Propeller 2 (via the v32 FPGA image). It also supports developing on the Propeller 1. The Spin compilation (to hubexec PASM code) is done with fastspin, and downloading to the P2 with Dave Hein's loadp2 program. For P1 development David Betz's propeller-load is used to run on the device. This package includes all of these, so it should be quite self-contained.

This version includes fastspin 3.8.7, which has a number of bug fixes.