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Spin2gui is a simple IDE for programming the Parallax Propeller2 and/or Propeller1. It is a front end for the fastspin compiler, which can compile Spin, BASIC, or C code to Propeller1 or 2 assembly language. The Spin and BASIC support is quite complete, but the C compiler is still very much a work in progress, so don't be surprised if things don't work (but please report bugs, that's the only way we can make this better!)

spin2gui uses Dave Hein's loadp2 to load P2 binaries, and David Betz's proploader to load P1 binaries. Both are great tools, and many thanks to their authors!

This version supports the P2 Eval board, and has P2 as the default output platform. It has some updated samples, and has the latest versions of fastspin (3.9.25) and loadp2 (0.13). It also has some .pdf documentation converted from the markup files (.md).

Of note in the samples is the Lisp interpreter, proplisp, which is an example of a moderately complex C program which can be compiled with fastspin.

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