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(defvar my-phrase-dir nil)
(defun my-phrase-list ()
(format "find %s -type f | grep -v '.git'" my-phrase-dir))
"\n" t))
(defvar anything-c-source-my-phrase
'((name . "Phrase")
(candidates . my-phrase-list)
. (("Paste" . my-phrase-insert)
("Edit" . find-file)
("Add to kill-ring" . my-phrase-add-to-kill-ring)
(defun anything-my-phrase ()
(when (null my-phrase-dir)
(error "my-phrase-dir is not specified!"))
(anything 'anything-c-source-my-phrase))
(defun my-phrase-insert (candidate)
(insert-file-contents candidate))
(defun my-phrase-add-to-kill-ring (candidate)
(let* ((contents (my-file-get-contents candidate))
(new-kill-ring (cons contents kill-ring)))
(cond ((find (string-trim contents "\n")
(mapcar #'(lambda (x) (string-trim x "\n")) kill-ring)) nil)
(t (setq kill-ring new-kill-ring
kill-ring-yank-pointer new-kill-ring)))))
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