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slick-codegen compile hook for sbt


Slick version slick-codegen version sbt version
3.5.x 2.2.0 1.x
3.4.x 2.1.0 1.x
3.3.x 2.0.0 1.x
3.3.x 1.4.0 1.x
3.2.x 1.3.0 1.x
3.1.x 1.2.1 0.13.x
3.0.x 1.1.1 0.13.x
// plugins.sbt

addSbtPlugin("com.github.tototoshi" % "sbt-slick-codegen" % slickCodegenVersion)

// Database driver
// For example, when you are using PostgreSQL
libraryDependencies += "org.postgresql" % "postgresql" % "9.4-1201-jdbc41"


// build.sbt
import slick.codegen.SourceCodeGenerator
import slick.{ model => m }

// required

// required
// Register codegen hook
sourceGenerators in Compile <+= slickCodegen

// required
slickCodegenDatabaseUrl := "jdbc:postgresql://localhost/example"

// required
slickCodegenDatabaseUser := "dbuser"

// required
slickCodegenDatabasePassword := "dbpassword"

// required (If not set, postgresql driver is choosen)
slickCodegenDriver := slick.driver.PostgresDriver

// required (If not set, postgresql driver is choosen)
slickCodegenJdbcDriver := "org.postgresql.Driver"

// optional but maybe you want
slickCodegenOutputPackage := "com.example.models"

// optional, pass your own custom source code generator
slickCodegenCodeGenerator := { (model: m.Model) => new SourceCodeGenerator(model) }

// optional
// For example of all the tables in a database we only would like to take table named "users"
slickCodegenIncludedTables in Compile := Seq("users")

// optional
// For example, to exclude flyway's schema_version table from the target of codegen. This still applies after slickCodegenIncludedTables.
slickCodegenExcludedTables in Compile := Seq("schema_version")

slickCodegenOutputDir := (sourceManaged in Compile).value

//optional. Generate one Scala file per table.
slickCodegenOutputToMultipleFiles := false



Apache 2.0