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An artisan API web-framework written in go.
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About Totoval

Totoval is an API web framework that helps Golang engineers build a performance-boiled project quickly, easily, and securely. It is more like a scaffolding, respecting Golang's programming philosophy, supported by a number of highly acclaimed, high-performance core components, as well as many easy-to-use components to quickly adapt to more business scenarios. We also believe that development must be an enjoyable and creative experience. Totoval frees developers from the painful coding process. Do less, think more.


  • Env Configuration
  • Groupable Router
  • Request Middleware
  • Request Validator
  • Database Migration
  • Model Validator
  • Model Helper - such as Pagination
  • BigInt,BigFloat Support
  • Orm: Mysql
  • User Token JWT Support
  • Random Code Generate and Verification
  • Random String Helper
  • Locale Middleware
  • Gin Validator Upgrade to v9
  • Password Encryption
  • Validation Error Multi-Language Support
  • Request Logger Middleware
  • Request Throttle Middleware
  • Infinity User Affiliation System
  • Model Getter/Setter
  • User Email Validation via Notification
  • Error Handler
  • Language Package
  • Cache: Memory
  • Cache: Redis
  • Queue, Worker
  • Events
  • File Storage
  • Custom Artisan Command Line
  • Task Scheduling
  • User Authorization
  • Database Seeder
  • More Unit Test
  • Websocket Support
  • Logo
  • Website && Document
  • CI


  • gin
  • gorm
  • validator.v9
  • viper
  • big
  • jwt
  • i18n
  • urfave/cli
  • fatih/color
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