Prometheus Couchbase 5 Exporter, Grafana dashboard and Alerting rules included
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A prometheus couchbase exporter!

All others I found seem to be abandoned and/or very incomplete. This is an attempt to have all metrics exported, including task-related metrics!


Innitially, have the same metrics as our old exporter, to facilitate the migration.

Once that's done, we can better document all metrics, eventually improve their naming (like adding _total, _seconds, _byte prefixes), and finally, provide example alerting rules and grafana dashboards, so it's easier to proper monitor a couchbase cluster.

It's worth saying that we will only support Couchbase 5 for now.


$ couchbase-exporter --couchbase.username adm --couchbase.password secret

check couchbase-exporter --help for more options!

What's included

  • the exporter itself
  • a grafana dashboard
  • an example of alerting rules


  • export task metrics
  • export bucket metrics
  • export node metrics
  • export cluster metrics
  • provide alerting rules examples
  • provide grafana dashboards (maybe use jsonnet (
  • check other TODOs
  • improve metric names (add _bytes, _seconds, _total, etc)
  • add some sort of tests