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Libraries for data-driven GUI applications, written in Haxe.
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examples Preliminary NME support.
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prime-css Make Prime compatible with Haxe version 3.1.2
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prime-locale - Make LangMacro compiler cacheable in Haxe-git
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A collection of libraries to make data-driven GUI development easier and more fun.

Watch our Presentation presentation (with slides here) at WWX 2013 for an introduction.

Stable, cross-platform, high-quality libraries:

Library Planned targets Currently tested targets
core Core interfaces and generic utilities. all all
signals Strictly typed, lightweight, memory and cpu optimized signal (event) library. all swf: `prime.*`, others: `prime.signal.*`
bindable Data-binding built on signals. all all
i18n YAML based compile-time internalization library built on Franco's thx localization helpers and Bindable. all SWF 9+
mvc Strictly typed Model-View-Controller for stateful GUI applications. all all
fsm Finite State Machine, with state change events built on signals. all all
layout 2D box-model layouting for anything. all SWF 9+

Stable libraries, optimized for Flash:

Library Planned targets Currently tested targets
display Flash Display-list as a datastructure with signals and change events. SWF, NME 4, OpenFL SWF, NME 3.5.5
components GUI components seperated into: logic, skinning and styling. SWF, NME 4, OpenFL SWF, NME 3.5.5 (except those using TextFields)
media Video and Audio player stream state handling and components. SWF, OpenFL? SWF

Alpha libraries:

Library Planned targets Currently tested targets
data Generic data handling. ValueObjects, CSV parser and other utils. all SWF, should work on more.
perceptor See what's happening inside your Prime application. Firebug-like inspector. Standalone app Embeddable in SWF.

Getting started

Each library has it's own README which gives you more detail what they are about.

Checkout the example project here: We've also built a sample TODO-list application to see most of our libraries in action.


Any help, comments and patches are much appreciated.

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