Bower build task for Visual Studio Team Services.
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Bower for Visual Studio Team Services Build Status

Bower build task for Visual Studio Team Services.


Installation can be done using Visual Studio MarketPlace.

Source Code

Source code can be found on Github.


Add the task to your build configuration:

Add Bower Task

(Optional). Select command to execute in bower. (Defaults to install).

Set command

(Optional). Set advanced settings.

Set advanced


  • Command: Command to execute. Default: install.
  • Arguments: Additional arguments passed to bower. --config.interactive=false is not needed.
  • Bower JSON Path: Relative path to bower.json file. Default: bower.json. Also defines the Current Working Directory.
  • Bower CLI: Optional. bower runtime to run. When agent can't find this bower runtime nor global installed one, it will install bower locally before run (slower). Default: node_modules/bower/bin/bower.