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TouchstoneJS Starter

Reference TouchstoneJS App with examples of all UI components.

See the demo live here.

To build and preview locally, run npm start. It will build the app with browserify, and start a preview server at localhost:8000.

The source for the app is in the /src folder; the app will be built to /www.

Use with Cordova

Here's how to get the Starter project running in a Cordova app, in the iOS Simulator. You'll need a Mac and XCode to follow this process. Check the Cordova Docs for more information, and instructions on how to work with other platforms like Android.

Getting set up

First, Install Cordova:

npm install -g cordova

Create a new Project:

cordova create Starter

Add your target platform:

cordova platform add ios

Building and running the project

Build the www folder using the build script:

npm run build

Then prepare the cordova project:

cordova prepare

You can then open the XCode Project here: platforms/ios/Starter.xcodeproj and run it in the simulator or on a device.

To continuously build the source as you make changes, run:

npm run watch

For production use, you can strip debug code and minify the build:

npm run build:production

Feedback / Questions?

Let us know! Contact us at or open an issue.

We welcome all ideas, contributions and PRs.


MIT. Copyright (c) 2015 Thinkmill Pty Ltd.