Lightweight grid for django (with sorting and pagination)
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Sphinx documentation.
If was lucky enough to succesfully build gh-pages branch, you could try to view the documentation here:

Quick and dirty tutorial
This is a very quick info on how to use django-grid. I'll try to supply more documentation later.

First, you need to add 'grid' to your INSTALLED_APPS:


create a Model:

from django.db import models

class MyModel(models.Model):
  column = models.CharField("Column description", max_length = 255)
then, you need to create a grid based on a model:

from grid import Grid

class MyModelGrid(Grid):
 class Meta:
  model = MyModel
and last but not least - create a view which would display the grid:

def view(request):
 grid = MyModelGrid(request)
 return render_to_response(
   "grid": grid,
  context_instance = RequestContext(request)