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A pelican plugin to export posts to systems like wordpress
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pelican-export is a plugin into pelican that handles exporting of posts from pelican to other formats. Currently the following formats are supported:

  • Wordpress


pelican-export requires python3.7 or above.

pip install pelican-export


As with any pelican plugin, the plugin should be included in the PLUGINS global variable in your In addition, you should configure the exporter using the configure_exporter method exposed. Here's an example with WordPress:

# declare the plugin for pelican
PLUGINS = ["pelican-export"]

# configure the pelican_export itself
from pelican_export import configure_exporter

configure_exporter(export_type="wordpress", export_configuration={
    "url": "", 
    "username": "foo", 
    "password": "bar",

Authoring an Exporter

See the exporter for the interface, and the initialization code for how to integrate it as an option.

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