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Managing Packages

Any configuration related to packages is done through the Packages object. Here is an example showing some common operations:

def main(build):
    # it's possible to set the index urls that packages will be installed from:
    build.packages.index_urls = [""]

    # this method installs the package "py.test" with version 2.7.0. It's
    # available in the sandbox as soon as the package is installed.
    build.packages.install("py.test", version="==2.7.0")

    # if you want to a development / editable egg, you can use this function.
    build.packages.install(".", develop=True)

    # if you want to set a specific version of a package to download, you can do so with versions
        "requests": "==2.6.0"

    # this takes effect on all subsequent installations. For example, it will be considered here:

Full API Reference

.. autoclass:: uranium.packages.Packages