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Book: How Smart Machines Think

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How Smart Machines Think

  • Title: How Smart Machines Think
  • Author: Sean Gerrish
  • Subject: AI Applications
  • Year: 2018
  • Publisher: The MIT Press
  • Type: Popular book
  • Level: middle school and up


An excellent layman's introduction to contemporary AI and machine learning. Gerrish clearly explains the key ideas behind the winning entries in various recent high-profile competitions, such as the DARPA Grand Challenge for self-driving cars and the Jeopardy! Challenge for question-answering. In addition, he emphasizes the role of collaborative human effort in building these systems, both in terms of openly publishing basic research, as well as carrying out the relevant engineering. This more nuanced portrait of progress makes claims of AI autonomously taking over the world much less worrisome. ―Kevin Murphy, Senior Staff Research Scientist, Google

If you're curious about what made some of the recent AI successes possible, from winning at Go to self-driving cars, this fascinating book is for you. ―Pedro Domingos, Professor of Computer Science The University of Washington