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Demo: Erase Your Face

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Erase Your Face

  • Name: Erase Your Face
  • Subject area: Facial recognition
  • Type: Online demo
  • Grades: all ages
  • URL:
  • Creators: Xion Abiodun, Valeria Araujo, Victoria Balla, Zoe Harwood, Dante Ruberto, Bayani Salgado, and Ariel Tang
  • Credit: "Erase Your Face" was produced by YR Media's Interactive team in collaboration with the Stanford's K12 Lab.

Description: A group of teens and young adults from YR Media and the Stanford came together with a creative way to trick facial recognition and sidestep surveillance, called Erase Your Face. The initial idea was: how do you beat the facial recognition system and what can you do to keep from being identified by a camera? The YR youth team came up with this drawing tool so users can physically test what it takes to go undetected, and you can check it out here. They also did an interview with Dr. Simone Browne, professor at University of Texas, Austin and author of Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness. An edited transcript of the conversation is included in the project.