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Online Course: AI Foundations Powered by ISTE and IBM

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Summary: AI Foundations is an online course from ISTE and IBM that provides high school students with a comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence. It can be used independently by students or in a blended-learning environment, and is beginner-friendly for students and teachers alike. Includes experiments with a variety of online demos and tools. Programming is not required.


  • Basics of AI: History of AI, machine learning algorithms, recommender systems, neural networks, and more
  • Design thinking: Use the Design Thinking framework to apply AI to a real-world problem through an AI Design Challenge
  • Digital badge: Earn the AI Foundations digital badge from IBM and ISTE upon passing the final assessment with a score of 80% or higher
  • Career pathways: Explore different careers that use or create AI, and learn from diverse voices in the field working on and with AI.
  • AI Ethics: Get informed about how AI is both an exciting technology and one that deserves careful consideration to ensure it is applied ethically.
  • AI Applications: How is AI applied in real-world applications? Learn and practice with exciting new tools.