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Software: Calypso for Cozmo

Dave Touretzky edited this page May 10, 2020 · 3 revisions
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Calypso for Cozmo

  • Name: Calypso for Cozmo
  • Subject Area: Robotics; General AI
  • Type: software package
  • Requirements to run: Cozmo robot; laptop running Windows, MacOS, or Linux
  • Grade(s): 3-12
  • URL:
  • Online / cloud version:
  • Author: David Touretzky, Visionary Machines LLC
  • License: commercial software

Description: Calypso for Cozmo is a rule-based robot programming framework for the Cozmo robot by Anki. It can be used to demonstrate a variety of artificial intelligence concepts, including computer vision, face recognition, speech recognition, landmark-based navigation, path planning, and object manipulation. Free curriculum materials are available at the web site. A cloud-version that runs in the browser can be accessed at