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Video: How to Train Your Robot

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  • Title: How to Train Your Robot
  • Subject: Machine learning for robotics
  • Type: Vimeo video
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Authors: Blooma Goldberg, Ken Goldberg, and Ashley Chase; illustrated by Dave Clegg
  • Publisher: Citris Productions, UC Berkeley
  • Year: 2020
  • Level: K-8
  • Watch online: Vimeo

This is a video presentation of the book by the same title; see Book: How to Train Your Robot.

Summary: "This engaging video tells the story of 4th graders who build a robot to clean up their Razzle-Dazzle Robot Club workshop. When it doesn't work as expected, they visit their local university where they discover new research in Artificial Intelligence and robot learning. The book introduces readers to cutting-edge robotics and AI in a highly accessible way and models authentic engineering practices such as iterative design, testing, and learning through failure. With a diverse cast of characters and colorful, humorous illustrations, How to Train Your Robot will inspire girls and members of other under-represented groups to explore engineering, robotics, and coding for themselves."

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