Tools for programming Anki's Cozmo robot.
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For a radically different approach to Cozmo programming more suited to beginners, try Calypso at

Tools for programming Anki's Cozmo robot via the Python SDK.

  • simple_cli provides a Command Line Interface for the Cozmo SDK so you can evaluate expressions in the context of an active SDK connection to a robot. Run it by typing: python3 simple_cli

  • provides Cozmo event monitoring. Type monitor(robot) to start monitoring. See doc for more options.

  • is an OpenGL viewer for Cozmo's world map. Requires the PyOpenGL and PyOpenGL_accelerate packages (from pip), and freeglut3. (On Linux you can install freeglut3 via apt-get, and on Mac OS X with brew). Run it by typing: viewer(robot); type 'h' in the graphics window for a list of commands. May not work on Macs due to Tkinter brokenness.

  • cozmo_fsm is a Finite State Machine package for Cozmo programming.

  • genfsm is a preprocessor that converts .fsm files written in the cozmo_fsm notation to .py files that are ready to run.

Note: you can install all the python dependencies by running pip3 install -r requirements.txt