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Dave Touretzky edited this page Jan 14, 2024 · 87 revisions

Welcome to the Cozmopedia wiki!

Cozmopedia is a project of Professor David S. Touretzky at Carnegie Mellon University.

Cozmopedia is not affiliated with or authorized by Anki or Digital Dream Labs. Anki's official Cozmo web sites are no longer online, but here is the Cozmo Python SDK and an archived version of the Cozmo SDK Documentation.

For a radically different approach to Cozmo programming designed for beginners, try Calypso at

Table of Contents

Education Resources

Ten Big Ideas in Robotics; University Courses; K-12 and University forums at Anki

Cozmo Hardware and SDK Concepts

adb (Android Debug Bridge); Fire tablet; camera; charger; colors and lights; light cubes

Cozmo SDK Software Architecture

action tracks

Animations, Triggers, and Behaviors

The cozmo-tools Collection

Available in the cozmo-tools GitHub repository.

simple_cli tool; world_viewer tool; event_monitor tool; genfsm tool

Particle filter

Finite State Machines

cozmo_fsm package

state machine shorthand and the genfsm tool

Key classes: StateNode, Transition, Event, StateMachineProgram

Vision With OpenCV

Installing OpenCV

Using OpenCV With Cozmo


Tkinter; OpenGL

Voice Control

Voice Control Demos

Multi-Robot Operation

Multi-Robot Resources

Other Resources

Programming Frameworks for Cozmo (ROS, Scratch, etc.)

Demo Collections

Research Papers and Conference Presentations


Coordinate Systems; Quaternions; Homogeneous Coordinates