Event class

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Event is the base class for all state machine events. The cozmo_fsm package provides its own event class and event router defined in evbase.py that are separate from the Cozmo SDK cozmo.event.Event mechanism. The SDK's event mechanism reports low-level robot events such as cubes being tapped or objects appearing and disappearing. These events all begin with "Evt", such as "EvtActionCompleted". The cozmo_fsm's Event class describes state machine events such as a node reporting success or failure, or one node signalling another.

The two event systems overlap in two areas: actions completing, and sensory events. A Cozmo action such as say_text will post an EvtActionCompleted event when the action ends, either successfully or not. A cozmo_fsm Say node will launch a say_text action, possibly restart it if the action fails due to a "robot busy" error, and eventualy post a cozmo_fsm CompletionEvent when the action succeeds and the state node completes.

cozmo_fsm includes "event generators" that listen for SDK events and generate corresponding cozmo_fsm Events. At present TapEvent and FaceEvent are the two sensory events supported, but more generators are planned.

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